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Young Master’s Love Is too Fierce

Young Master’s Love Is too Fierce



Author : Ai Shangping

Publisher : babelnovel


Young Master Lei had tremendous power and power. He was handsome and reserved, with a pure heart and few desires. He was only addicted to her. Xu Ziyang deeply understood how terrifying a man who had transformed into a berserk Tyrant Wyrm was … In a certain aspect, he had no idea what was important. She was about to die, alright … "What happened to the show? What about the things they said that had nothing to do with each other? "Scoundrel!" She couldn't help but be furious. "I only want to act with you. In front of you, I'll only be your scoundrel!" "Young Master Lei, it's said that men conquer the world and women conquer men. Why do I feel that those words are the opposite?" The man lowered his head and pecked his lips as if he was looking for food. "You are my entire world."