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Your Majesty, Empress Is Escaping

Your Majesty, Empress Is Escaping

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


"Ink Yan, what are you going to do?" Beneath the walls of the imperial city, Emperor of China who was dressed in Imperial robes raised his head to look at Ink Yan who was sitting on the wall. His face was filled with anger from being dug out of the wall corner. Has This King ever nodded his head and agreed to marry a imperial concubine? Too much? Hearing that, Mo Yan turned her head to the side and sneered, "Murong Hao never married a woman to this day just to wait for me! He's the man who suits me the best! I want to see him now and give him a nest of little buns! And every day, the whole family would climb up the wall and watch you get turned over by dozens of women! " "How dare you!" "Hehehe …" The emperor puffed in anger and waved his long sleeves. Men, immediately give me the order to cripple Emperor Murong Hao, bestow him with three feet of white silk, and a pot of poison. No matter what, you must hurry up and kill him before the Empress arrives! " Join Collection