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CEO Away From My Trap

CEO Away From My Trap



Author : Yvonne

Publisher : beenovel


Bai Cui is 25 years old, and apart from her childhood sweetheart, who travels far away, she has never met a man who makes her heart beat. He has not yet fallen in love with someone in university, he has entered the ranks of office workers and became a new and hard-working doctor. Ling Muhan, the elder of the Ling family, has an excellent appearance and financial power, but there is no his arrair news, because he has only loved one woman in 28 years and believes that no one else will come into his heart. The encounter between the two can be said to be fate or deliberate. While Cui's blood type is the same as Bai Jing, and her appearance is somewhat looklike. In order to continue his beloved life, Ling Muhan approached Cui step by step, dragging Cui into his trap little by little, but did not expect to lose himself.