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Cinderella's Comeback

Cinderella's Comeback



Author : Jane

Publisher : beenovel


Good student Ning Xiaoshuang after graduation, experienced a few tribulations, finally came to this company to work. The pure and cowardly nature of her hard to fight, not only to deal with a demanding boss, but also to avoid their colleagues, but also to be careful of party B's sugar-coated shells, wise and prudent self-preservation... this world, everyone is not easy to live. Zhao An, a domineering, overbearing daughter of a wealthy second generation, came home to a deep sense of pain... the seemingly warm and determined Li Wanning negotiated a divorce with her husband shortly after their marriage and raised her daughter on her own, in this city in the narrow slit to seek a vain life... the Department of Technology to Tianming Du, aloof, greedy for profit, everywhere temptation Ning Xiaoshuang fell into his trap... Department head Chen Youshan, after the experience of a storm, temperament change, disregard all things but only treat Ningxiaoshuang one... mysterious figure Zhang Daiyang, everyone loves, flowers, but his inner loneliness and the people of his increased respect for him. One day, he heard a sentence "because your good and evil are not pure, so you suffer" , he thought of Ning Xiao Shuang..