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He's My Ruthless Billionaire

He's My Ruthless Billionaire



Author : Lexi

Publisher : beenovel


"Why... Why me??" I cried as he dragged me to the room and threw me on the bed, but my head collided with the sharp side of it. "Because it's your fate!" he yelled. "But... Who are you to decide my fate!?!" I finally decided to talk back to him. "So, you've got the guts to talk back?" He chuckled and a smirk formed on his lips. "Then let's get this straight today, love," he said. "W-what? N-no!" I said but his expressions changed to rage as he narrowed his eyebrows. He came near me and took my face in his hands. "L-leave me... P-please" I said. "I want to crumble you like this, and I will, you just wait and watch, Hailey," he said and left the room.