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President Satan's Contract Bride

President Satan's Contract Bride



Author : Vincent

Publisher : beenovel


"Because of the high medical expenses of her parents, she had to sign a paper agreement and promised to marry a wealthy family. But on the wedding day, why was there no wedding reception? No guests? No groom? What, what? Xue Qi surprised her favorite woman to commit suicide. Died? Han Mingxi sat in a luxurious but empty mansion with no warmth. "Since you signed the marriage agreement, you are destined to become a sinner. You killed her, if you dare to ruin my happiness, I dare to ruin you. If you don't kick you into hell, I am not Xue Qijing! "He put all his hatred on her, what is ridicule? What is torture? Can it be compared to her life? Kind as her, generous to take all the guilt on him, and become a veritable scapegoat for him. Bride. "Sell yourself for a million? I will let you taste the so-called price! "Xue Qi's gloomy low and cold voice sounded in the dim room." From today on, she is the lowest maid in the Xue family. You are not allowed to interfere with all the chores. Who dares to help, get out of here! "... But, when he saw her crying so hard, why did he want to die?"