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She is So Soft

She is So Soft



Author : Charles

Publisher : beenovel


Fu Shili is a recognized male god in the investment world, cold and arrogant, and never gossip with women. His name represents a strong position that no one can match. Later, he tried his best to chase the woman named Jiang Ci, but was repeatedly rejected. In the end, he was cheated to sleep for nothing. Until a month later, I saw the girl nervously holding the two red pregnancy test sticks in his hand. He approached with imposing aura and scared her back so that there was nowhere to hide. The hot breath sprinkled on her ears. "You got into trouble... you ran away for a long time, but it was not in my hands." Fu Shili smiled politely, and finally warned her: Jiang Ci, who taught you that a man can throw it away when he runs out? An expensive and rich mature man will be your husband, do you want? Mr. Fu's suit and leather shoes, two slender fingers sandwiched the hukou book and handed out: "Miss Jiang, get married and have children, understand this legal process." Jiang Ci lowered his head, holding his white fingertips, not daring to look at him directly. The handsome face that has made countless women coveted for a long time, the voice sounded: "Well, I am already responsible for you."