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Travel to The Future, Meet My Lover

Travel to The Future, Meet My Lover



Author : Lily

Publisher : beenovel


On the anniversary of my wedding, I went out to buy a dish, but it was 40 years later in the blink of an eye. Yu Yao, with a face full of doubts carrying a small dish, was taken to the Citizen Service Center and taken back home by her husband who had become an old man. When Teacher Jiang was young, his wife suddenly disappeared and was suspected to be dead. The widower had been a widower for forty years. He didn't expect that his wife would return one day, and her appearance remained unchanged. "Oh, Teacher Jiang, is this girl your granddaughter?" "No, I'm his wife." "Wife?" So the rumor that Teacher Jiang married a young wife at his age spread throughout the teacher's circle of students, gentle and elegant The kind and amiable Teacher Jiang I will not guarantee his fame during the evening. When time flies, when my face is gone, are you still willing to love me?