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An Italian’s Escort Lover

An Italian’s Escort Lover


Publisher : bravonovel


"Why did you follow me, Nicco? We are nothing to each other now." I whispered with so much pain and sorrow coating over my voice. "Few months ago, time was favorable to you and you chose to leave me." Nicco inched towards me with furious red eyes and clenched jaws in anger, but held my hand ever so gently like he always does. "Now my time has come. See, I found you and now I will make sure you never leave me again. If I need to glue you to me, so be it." He declared firmly and crashed his lips on mine. Phoebe Smith, an escort of thirteen years sweet and gentle, fell in love with Niccolo Russo who was her only master and the only person who ever touched her. He was her first best friend, her first kiss and her first in everything. So why did she run away from him if she loves him so much? Niccolo Russo, CEO of Russo empire, Arrogant and bad tempered yet so understanding; felt his heart skip a beat several times only for one woman. Phoebe. She was his friend, his adviser and his sanity. Then what had he ever done to make her run away from him? Follow the journey of two people bind by promises, duties and responsibilities pulling them apart and how love binds them together forever.