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Irresistible Romance

Irresistible Romance


Author : Yan,Wen

Publisher : bravonovel


When Yan Wen came back home, she caught her fiancé on bed with Jiang Lingyun, the very woman to whom Yan Wen relinquished the role of the leading actress for the sake of her fiancé, Bai Zhexuan. Instead of exposing their treachery right there and then, Yan Wen chose to walk away and waited by the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau the next day as scheduled. Yet, as expected, Bai Zhexuan used a lame excuse and stood her up. It was in that moment she bumped into another man, Jiang Sui-an, a rich CEO who was under family pressure to find a wife. It just so happened that He was also stood up and were trying to find a random woman to marry that day… 「President Jiang, if you can’t find a wife, perhaps you could consider me?」 「Yes」 And just like that, a strange romance unfolded, and with it, Yan Wen also embarked on a journey of punishing that scheming couple… Join us in reading this entertaining and riveting story that is Irresistible Romance!