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No More, No Less

No More, No Less


Publisher : bravonovel


Frustrated by a video clip showing her husband having sex with another man, Li Yahan imprudently had sex with a perfect stranger high above the sky in a plane. To her surprise, that stranger turned out to be her boss’s friend Tang Xiao. Wanting to end her ludicrous marriage, Li Yahan went back home and was then kept in captivity by her gay husband. She managed to break free, but the next day when she went back to work, Li Yahan ran into Tang Xiao again… Determined to get her divorce, Li Yahan went back to that place she once called 「home」. Turned out, her mother-in-law had always known that her son was a gay, but she wanted to keep Li Yahan at home till Yahan gave her a grandson… Eventually, Li Yahan managed to escape that hideous place once again. Back to the company, Li Yahan surprisingly learned that she was fired… In that moment of despair, Tang Xiao showed up… Will Li Yahan finally be able to get her divorce? How would the relationship between her and Tang Xiao play out?