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Until Death Do Us Apart

Until Death Do Us Apart


Publisher : bravonovel


3 years ago, Martin decided to put everything on the line and become man and wife with Joanne. The day they tied the knot, the weather was a spring drizzle. She thought it was a blessed outpouring for their wonderful marriage… A shocking truth led them to a cursed accident that day. She willingly took the risk to conduct in-vivo trial drug experiments for him and ended up with irreversible neural damage. The man finally regained health. However the secret was too destructive for him and in order to shield him from the truth, Joanne had no other choice but to swallow up all the afflictions. She never dared to mention anything about their loving past even when the man’s memory was altered. He was manipulated to believe that it was Shirley Zheng who saved him and Joanne was nothing but a depraved woman who deceived him into marriage. Joanne was determined to make him fall back in love with her again in 3 years. She failed miserably and her time was ticking… Can she survive and to see to the end of things? What was the ill-fated secret? Would he finally recover his memories and discover the truth?