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Author : Bella Starz

Publisher : dreame


<p><strong>YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND!</strong></p> <p>Looking to add some spice to your eBook library? You’ll find it here with a sizzling explosion of panty-melting passion and racy action-packed wrapped in Magical Erotica Stories!</p> <p>On an enchanted Kingdom of Aria, full of Warlords and Witches, the sex-craved Grand Duke Marius and the sexual-deprived Grand Duchess Orchid are wedded but he has a wandering eye for the ladies. That makes his jealous wife furious. Now, he wants a sexy chamber maid. He has to bed her no matter what, even his bastard son wants her also. The duchess has no idea how far she will go to claim her hunky step-son as her lover, to punish her cheating husband and to make the intoxicating beautiful maiden disappear for good.</p>