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Escaping Rejection

Escaping Rejection



Author : Krshna

Publisher : dreame


He had strength, she had powers she didn't know she had. He hated her after what her parents did to his family, she didn't know her parents were even alive. He saw the face of his parents murderers everytime he looked at her, she felt the pain everytime he looked at her with disgust. But alas, fate has other plans, plans which included pairing the enemies and breaking up friends. What begins in escaping the rejection of her mate ends in escaping death alongside him. So, in this war of bonds over blood relations , who wins? ----------------- Zayden , the Alpha of Dawnblood pack, has waited for years to meet his mate. Someone who would love him unconditionally , bring a smile to his face and most importantly , give him hope in his existence. But all that goes down the drain when he learns that his mate is the daughter of the very people who ruined his life and made him the person he is today. Will he ever be able to leave her lineage behind and learn to love her? Will she be the one to give him the happy ending that he thought he deserved? Ionora never thought the day would come when she would finally find her soul mate. In between running for her life and trying to keep her sanity after revealing life changing secrets of herself , she never did have the time for seeking out her mate or even thinking of him. But once she did find him , he isn't ready to accept her. Ionora is determined to show him that she isn't the terrible and cruel person he thinks she is. But will she succeed in making him trust her? Will she get the one true love she dreamed of as a child?