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The Michigan Wife

The Michigan Wife



Author : Bianca Vail

Publisher : dreame


<p>After years of marriage, Jillian Recore couldn’t take the loneliness of a loveless marriage any longer. Her husband Ron would avoid her for days on end. Completely unreceptive to anything, and everything that Jillian tried to do to fix their marriage.<br /><br /><strong>But how does she fix something when … <em>she doesn’t even know how it became broken?</em></strong><br /><br />At a total loss of what to do, a lifelong friend of hers, Deborah. Invites them to go on a weekend getaway to Holland, Michigan with her and her husband. Wearily Jill accepted the invitation, desperate to do something, but apprehensive of Deborah.<br /><br />Deborah was too well known for her mischievous antics, and she wasn’t going to disappoint. Her antics ends up throwing Jillian head long into some very uncomfortable, and compromising situations.<br /><br /><strong>Can the immediate closeness between the two spouses rekindle their passion? </strong>And will that passion lead to something more? In a whirlwind of love delight, will Jillian discover that her best friend and lover is no other than her husband, Ron.However, Deborah isn’t quiet done with either of them. <br /><br />Can Jill and Ron survive a weekend of Deborah’s mischievous capers? Putting the past behind them, and start over uncovering their deepest feelings?<br /><br />Or will Deborah's naughty horseplay, end their marriage once and for all?</p>