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Mr. CEO's One Night Spoil

Mr. CEO's One Night Spoil

Contemporary Romance


Author : Su Jin

Publisher : fasynovel


At a nominal auction,Su Mi priced herself like goods in order to make money to treat Zhou Qingyang, who had saved her from sufferings. It was Fu Yichen who bought her and offered her a great amount of money. She believed that she just trade off her body for medical fees, but Fu Yichen seemingly hold a different point.He offered her a happy marriage, loved her and spoiled her as possible as he could. It seemed that he gave his whole heart to her, but when she finally fell in love with him, she found out that she was just a substitute for his first love. She chose to leave with a light heart.Fu Yichen lost her without hearing a word about her.When they encounters again by accident, he holds her in arms tightly and says,“There was no one else except you, my first love is you, the one in my dream is you, it’s always you and only you!”