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Mr.Tycoon's Beloved Wife

Mr.Tycoon's Beloved Wife

Contemporary Romance


Author : Yun Ruozhu

Publisher : fasynovel


Cheng Nuo had never expect that the alcohol her cousin gave her would contain drug,so she drank it without hesitation,as a result, she was sent to He Zikai’s room by mistake and was forced to spend a whole night with He Zikai.This should only be a mistake, but at the time she was chase away by her family, He Zikai, to her surprise, appeared and proposed to marry her. By the time they quickly got married, she had just been aware that her husband was a great personage who was the powerful heir to wealthy clan.They were so distinct that she never expected to be loved. So in the marriage without love, no matter how he treated her, what she wanted was to bear the responsibility of being his wife and try to get along as well as possible with him. It seemed that she had never been ill in this marriage. However, when she finally met the nephew of her husband, she turned to be upset with the fact that she married the uncle of her first love......