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Legend of a Drop-dead Gorgeous Princess

Legend of a Drop-dead Gorgeous Princess



Author : Jian Xi

Publisher : flying-lines


<p>She, drop-dead gorgeous enough to cause the fall of a country, as the Princess Royal of Cold Night Empire, was married to General Pingyan, the second Prince of the Dark Night Empire for peace between the two empires.</p> <p>However, on the wedding day, General Pingyan wanted to cancel the engagement and shut the door on the princess because of the rumors that she was not only ugly, but also stroppy&hellip;</p> <p>In this age, the imperial power is supreme. The beautiful princess Mu Qianhua kept a low profile and just hoped to have a quiet life, but the fate eventually forced her to become a pawn of those big shots&hellip;</p> <p>She refused to resign herself to her fate and held the faith that there must be a man who truly loved her and was willing to accompany her forever in the world...</p>