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Lust After the Breakup

Lust After the Breakup



Author : Jiang Zhu

Publisher : flying-lines


<p>You need a million reasons to love me and one reason to give up on me.</p> <p>Me, on the other hand, won&#39;t give up on you for a million reasons. The one and only reason---love, is enough for me to carry on.</p> <p>Me and Tong broke up for God-knows-how-many times for the three years we were together.</p> <p>She agrees to separate with me forthrightly, but every time that is just lip service.</p> <p>I have imagined over 100 breakup scenarios, but a peaceful one is never one of them.</p> <p>We are going through yet another breakup, I&#39;m well prepared for her to bombard me with texts and calls.</p> <p>Half an hour&hellip;</p> <p>An afternoon&hellip;</p> <p>Nothing from her.</p> <p>A week&hellip;</p> <p>Still nothing, be it QQ, MSN, cellphone or e-mail box, not even a buzz.</p> <p>I have to pinch myself to confirm I&#39;m not in a dream, we are no longer an item? Like really? But the following stories are more unbelievable.</p> <p>To everyone who has acted on impulse in love! Hopefully all the couples can cherish their significant others after reading this book&hellip;</p>