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The Lady's Sickly Husband

The Lady's Sickly Husband



Author : Laughing Cat

Publisher : flying-lines


<p>Transmigration? A Chong Xi Marriage? Sickly husband? How worse can this get?</p> <p>Mo Qian Xue now lives in a soddy, destitute, small house with broken furnitures. The grass had grown wild and unruly from lack of proper care. The rice pot in the kitchen, it&#39;s left empty. Well, this mess seemed quite manageable, however, why is it they only have one quilt in the house?</p> <p>Not only does she serve her husband food and refreshments during the day, does she need to make sure he&#39;s well &quot;fed&quot; at night too?</p> <p>&quot;It&#39;s getting late now&hellip; we should go to bed. Said the sickly husband. She simply closed the door, turned off the lights, and went straight to sleep.</p> <p>&quot;If you dare move, I&#39;ll kick you out of the bed!&quot; She threatened.</p> <p>In the end, the man still managed to wrap himself around her no matter how she resisted. The sickly husband wasn&#39;t as weak as he appeared to be!</p> <p>Mo Qian Xue worked hard to become rich. She built workshops, opened factories, one aided by her sickly husband towards prosperity. Fortunately, she could live a peaceful life far from bickering relatives, but then, much to her dismay, she still had to deal with the villagers knocking on her door.</p> <p>So they want her money? They want her position as a wife? Since when was she, Mo Xian Que easy to bully?! They want to make her lose face? Alright, let them come a little closer then&hellip; give them a&hellip;. slap!</p>