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A Big Fat Lie

A Big Fat Lie



Author : Albert Edison

Publisher : goodnovel


Rea is a smart young lady destined to be the head of their shoe company. There family has been engaged in the business since she was a child. She would have had a fruitful school life except for one thing, she is obese and she is suffering from diabetes. Her incessant craving for chocolates and sweets when she was young has transformed her as a monstrous blub. Her massive physique made her the laughing stock of their school. Because of this her parents decided to have Rea homeschooled. After graduating in college, she took over the business as its CEO. She hires an old friend, Andy, as her executive assistant. Only Andy understands the situation of Rea and he is in love with her. Joshua, the CEO of their rival company, sets a trap for Rea, he knows that she is attracted to him since they were a child, he used this to put her under his control and eventually their family business. He even went to the extent of convincing her to consult a gypsy for a magical potion that would give her a sexy body. When he found out that she is already madly in love with him, he dumps her and hurts her so bad that Rea decides to commit suicide. Andy saves her from taking her own life and this opened up their romantic relationship. He admits to her that she has been his crush when they were still preschoolers. Rea considers the idea that only Andy can truly love her. She learns that when someone loves you, they accept you as you are and not what they want you to be.