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A Perfect Distraction

A Perfect Distraction



Author : MiDdleBeNcherZz

Publisher : goodnovel


Sometimes it only takes one person to change your life, a few seconds to fall in love and one day to lose everything.For Karolia, it only took one day to lose everything at the age of 19. Her happiness changed to grief and loneliness. Without knowing the reason for her parents' , she fled from Worcester, her hometown to a crowded city, NYC to escape from the nightmares and memories. She is sweet, childish, strong and everything a good girl needs.For him, falling in love is a bad distraction and it only causes heartbreak. Being the CEO of a powerful company, Logan has enough weight on his shoulder. His escape from reality was fighting. He's dangerous, devilishly handsome, and everything a bad boy needs.When these two people cross their path, a whirlwind of emotions breaks apart - Hatred, Love, Happiness, fear, heartbreak, revenge, ... They change each other's lives and perceptions and they are the perfect soulmates. For him, no longer love is a bad distraction, but perfect.But every story has a villain. In this, her past is the one and now she has no escape. Will Logan be able to save her from her nightmare or let her go forever? Be ready for a new adventure, new mysteries, and new memories.After all, Distraction can be good as well as bad. It depends on how we see it.