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A Vapor In The Wind

A Vapor In The Wind



Author : jkbalmori

Publisher : goodnovel


A sadist, a tigress, elegant, intelligent, brave, admirable woman, in short DIARA KENDRICK CHASE. She is a very good student, an outstanding achiever, and a talented person but people like her that is poor is sometimes discarded in society. Why? Because money is anything—anything including opportunity, fame, and status. She is a poor woman who only strives to be better but it's just different because no matter what she does those who are in power always prevail. She felt lonely and sad. Not until a jerk, an outstanding asshole, and a talented annoying man, in short, KASHRIN ZEREK COLLINS, came to her life. They met in an unexpected situation yet they fall in love in an extravagant disaster. He is the vapor. And she is the wind.