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Against the Tragic Fate

Against the Tragic Fate



Author : Kich Haille

Publisher : goodnovel


Claire Leerstrom, a daughter of a powerful and wealthy duke. The youngest sibling and the only daughter of the Leerstrom family. As being the youngest child and only daughter, Claire is a bit spoiled, no. She really is a spoiled brat. A brat what she wants, she will get. Claire fell in love with the first prince and a lady who is blinded by love she do everything in order for her beloved to be crowned as king. Little she didn’t know that the first prince was only using her in order to succeed the throne. After sitting on the throne, the first prince she loved so dearly found another woman. The first prince reasons out her personality and how her brother was labeled as traitors. He two brothers died as traitors without knowing if they really are. Their social status was slowly going down because of what his two brothers accused of. Her parents dying one after another because of sickness they got for so much pressure and stressful events happening on their family after they loss two of their sons. Her twin brother was imprisoned for some reason and was publicly executed. At that time Claire was divorce by the first prince and thrown her out of the palace. Claire being left out alone and individually sucking up what happening on her family and herself crumbled down. Then decided to end her life once and for all. However, what happened next was unexpected. She saw again the faces she thought she would never see again. The faces who brought her to this world. The faces of her parents and brothers. Is that a dream? Or she was given a second chance to live all over again and change her fate. What will happened to her now?