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Alpha's Ruined Mate (Book1)

Alpha's Ruined Mate (Book1)



Author : Javyriah

Publisher : goodnovel


He was running very wildly dodging the branches, trees and sharp stones on the way his black shinning fur was waving with the cold air, his canines elongated, Alpha was grunting and grumbling running behind a wolf that was running in front in high speed, it was his violet eyes that was shining bright in the night... the anger was evident in his eyes, it felt that he will the wolf running in front... he was going to tangle the wolf but the wolf with brown fur stopped at the end of a cliff. The wolf turned around to see the black one, his muzzle was high, his eyes shining bright it felt he smirked looking at the brown wolf... the black wolf move towards the brown one, he took one step backward then he shifted into a boy with brown hairs, light blue eyes, and shinning white muscular body... "Alpha!!! let me go... I will never do the same mistake again, Please," the boy said looking in the eyes of the black wolf.The wolf moves ahead towards the boy growling loudly showing his sharp canines, the wolf was going to jump on the boy when he listened to some moment behind him in the bushes..."Alpha let him go!!! my brother didn't do anything!!! It was me who stoled the proofs," a girl's voice came from behind.The wolf ear perked upwards, he turned around to see a beautiful girl standing behind him, his nose smelled the air to find a very pleasant smell...(Marcus she is our mate!!!) Alpha Marcus wolf mumbled in his mind, his wolf Magnus eyes scanning the girl in front of him...