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Bedded by the Beast

Bedded by the Beast



Author : _xxxtamara_

Publisher : goodnovel


Mariah Castello was an ordinary village girl when she was sold by her father to help feed her family. She thought things would never her better for her, until she meets the king. She was horrified and terrified for the fate that lied before her, but nothing could have prepared her for King Elijah Rossetti, the most feared man in the whole of Italy..He was an evil cruel man who had a heart of pure of darkness - if he even had one at all - and he just so happen to set his sights on Mariah, the sweet and innocent new maid. Mariah knew better than to get involved with the king, but what the king wants the king gets and this king wants her.What will happen when Mariah comes face to face with true cruelty of king Elijah only to see he isn't as cruel as the rumours say?And what will she do when the king claims her as his?