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Billionaire Beauty

Billionaire Beauty



Author : Rooms

Publisher : goodnovel


"Do I make you nervous, baby?" he whispered, close to her ear and her grip tightened on his shoulder."Tell me, baby... how do you feel? Do you remember the kiss we had...?""I trace my fingers across your thighs, grab the back of your neck and tightly and kiss you, you grab my face and lightly brush your lips across mine. Twirl your fingers through my hair and kiss me softly, kiss my lips, my jawline, my neck. Then bit my lip, I turn my face and pull you closer nibble on your ear and breathe hot air against your neck. Slide my hand up your stomach into your chest. I send shivers down your spine. You don't even know what you do to me." Hearing this increased her breathing. What is this man doing to her? She never felt this before not with any other man... why him? what is special in him?Before him, her life was so perfect... she had everything she ever wanted... money, fame and power. What more could a person need to survive in this world? Money right? She has it but he made her feel like.... out of this world.