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Billionaire's Bed Warmer

Billionaire's Bed Warmer



Author : LostpuppyJS

Publisher : goodnovel


"Yes, you were good for nothing but a bed warmer. That's all you can be." Brandon sneered at Kayla. Pain seared inside her like an arrow just pierced her heart. "And you are still a goddamn man whore." "It may be true. But remember that the bed you will be warming, will always be mine." Brandon spoke, eyeing her body with lust. "You are all about this. Stop chasing me like a mad dog. Now get lost before I escort you out by calling the security." Kayla warned. "I am going now but I will come to claim what is mine. You know better than anyone than even if you don’t love me, the pleasure your pussy seeks, only my dick can give it to you." Saying, Brandon pulled Kayla towards him abruptly. Pecking her lips, he walked out leaving Kayla flustered and enraged. Their bodies craved for each others. But they didn’t believe in love. Once Kayla liked to be with Brandon but now she was running from him. Brandon was hell-bent on catching her. Why does he think that she betray him? The journey they started together was based on lust. Will they find love afterward?