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Billionaire's Surrogate (Completed ✔️)

Billionaire's Surrogate (Completed ✔️)



Author : Praise Odulesi

Publisher : goodnovel


*Not fully edited* They are billionaires. They are rich. They are childless. Jace Flores and Trisha Flores have been married for three years, but they have no child. They need an heir, but Trisha's infertile. They can't wait. What's the next step? Not thinking further, surrogacy is the next option. Surrogacy right? That's not an issue for a billionaire. But, what happens when this leads to an issue in their marriage? The loyal and humble husband starts to fall for their surrogate. What causes this sudden change? A reason. A long tolerated reason. Jill Grayson, their surrogate, isn't a bad person. She's only doing her job. Well, does her job end up being a job? Read to know more.