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Blood Bound

Blood Bound



Author : Sarahsherebiotch

Publisher : goodnovel


Have you ever imagined abandoning your home, school, and entire life, based on a crazy story and a myth that turned out to be true? Have you ever imagined leading a secret double life that terrifies you to your very core, and the melodramatics balancing normal University life and the mysteries of being a fledgling? Then imagine meeting him, the embodiment of what you decidedly refused to become and he redirects your entire life; the path you were once so sure of, but you now are unable to comprehend a life without, and that alone terrifies you. It terrifies you, the thought of exploring uncharted territory, in more ways than one. But can you resist the temptation of stepping out of an ordinary lifestyle, and being tossed into an exhilaratingly dark one? Could you imagine? No, I suppose you can't