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Author : Iduh Vivian

Publisher : goodnovel


Halima Sadiyya Aliyu is a hairdresser who has seen the harsher realities of life. She doubts love and is afraid of the very thought of having it. At the beginning of the story, she's married to an ailing husband and cannot keep a job because she is solely his caregiver, all the while fending off trouble from his mother and sisters who do not appreciate the work she does. Then he dies and she finds out that all along, she had been lied to and Salisu, her shy, ailing husband has impregnated the maid-cum new wife. She flees from mourning her husband in his mother's house as custom dictates and is well taken care of in her father's house. She gets a job and meets two girls whom their father forget in the salon where she works. She takes them home and a spiral of finding love again starts from there. After a while, She and Jamal, the father of the girls are married and secrets of many years are blown off their coffers, and she has to deal with getting closure from those secrets and living happily ever after with her husband.