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Boyfriend Of My Imagination

Boyfriend Of My Imagination



Author : Yourstruly Divineson

Publisher : goodnovel


Some secrets are better being bottled up, hidden for as long as you can, but all secrets do come to light, and there nothing you can do about... ****** Being gay wasn't the problem, my problem was that I was foolish to think I could hide it for ever. Since nobody knows, his just like an immigration to me, at list that was what I thought... Alex Robert that cute nice boy, who hardly hang around people only his friends, was secretly in love with his sister classmates Josh maxwells. Things started heating up after Alex finally started dating josh, keeping his secrets far away from his best friends as he could, until his best friend brother started hitting up on him. He was okay keeping up with Josh but Harry in the picture everything becomes to hard for him to handle. What happen when Alex big little secret was exposed before his whole school and his friends. This ain't like any ordinary love story you read.