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Brotherhood: Crave for vengeance.

Brotherhood: Crave for vengeance.



Author : Illusionistic.

Publisher : goodnovel


A shady past, A second chance at life, A promise of vengeance, And a plan in motion... "You've changed so much Wuxia,This is not you! The Twinkle I know wouldn't be in a ten metre distance near a cigarette not to talk of smoking," Fu Guangli condemned with a tone of reproach, but it only made the smile on Li Xiu Ying's face wider. She took in a deep drag and blew a beautiful smoky ring at his face. "I agree with you Bunny. This is not the Wuxia you know, that little innocent girl died years ago and creature standing in front of you is anything but Zhen Wuxia," she walked closer to him and poked his chest with her manicured index finger, venom was evident in her voice as she said her next words, "all thanks to you." Fu Guangli was quick to grab her wrist and slam her into the nearest tiled wall of the bathroom, Li Xiu Ying winced at the impact. "So that's why you're here now? Because you want revenge?!" Fu Guangli yelled at her face. "No." Li Xiu Ying's voice softened drastically and she raised her hands to trace the contours of his chiseled face in only what can be perceived as affection. "I want you back."