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Chasing the Golden Trinket

Chasing the Golden Trinket



Author : ZAVIEDA

Publisher : goodnovel


Maze Nirvana, a young witch, had just been exiled from her coven. She opposed the idea of their leader, the High Priestess, of finding the remaining possession of the Great Witch, a golden trinket, in order to resurrect her and make her obey our commands and use the Great Witch's power to dominate the world. Maze had nowhere else to go, so in search of a new home and fellow witches willing to help her, she travels to a new country. She comes across a group of highly skilled witches and warlocks led by Royce Gavin, a devilishly attractive warlock. She asks for their help in finding the golden trinket before the dark witches do to prevent havoc on Earth. They set off to a quest to find the ancient trinket even if it means sacrificing their lives for it.