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Conveniently yours

Conveniently yours



Author : L. J. Bleyk

Publisher : goodnovel


A life intertwined by the threads of fate, Ariana and Ariadne get what they have always wished for but not under the same conditions they had wanted. Will they get the cliche happily ever after?. Perhaps not. "Seo Mi Ahn, you're so pathetic that even your name says sorry" Park Jimin is gay and proud. Jeon Jungkook is a 'straight' man who likes men Kim Taehyung is a 'straight' man who is 'very much' in love with his fiancée but still gets turned on by his boss welcome to the gay firm, oh its actually the male firm Granddaughter and Sister, Mi Ahn is living well or at least she thinks she is until she walks into an all male firm and discovers the face behind the firm, pulling all the strings.