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Dirty Deals With The Devil

Dirty Deals With The Devil



Author : lola12033

Publisher : goodnovel


I belonged to the Devil, only it wasn't emblazoned on my forehead. ***Desperate times calls for desperate measures as they always say. When 10-year-old Ruby Davies accidentally kills her mom in a freak accident, she's totally terrified and torn.What was a ten year old to do in such a situation?That was exactly what the Devil banked upon when he swooped in as the hero, the savior, ready to bring back her mother only for a seemingly small price which little Ruby eagerly pays. Giving up her soul seemed like a wise decision at the time.Eight long years later, with a condemned life banned from all holy contacts and soul forever destined to perish in eternal fire and torment, Ruby wants absolutely nothing to do the lying soul thief.Until he comes once again with an irresistible offer only the biggest of fools would refuse...