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FATEFUL LOVE: Chasing the Runaway Wife

FATEFUL LOVE: Chasing the Runaway Wife



Author : Haszel Yuh-Diet Sahlvania

Publisher : goodnovel


James Go is the Young CEO of The Go Group of Companies. He handsome, wealthy and considered dangerous to the hearts of many Young Ladies in their elite circle of wealthy families in the Country. He is dominant, possessive and intelligent, but emotionally detached and unaffected by romantic pursuits. He is a busy and ruthless businessman, who is used to manipulating people and situations and getting what he wants. Getting engage is acceptable, however getting married is another matter; especially when he finds himself married to the one woman in the whole Country who prefers her independence, and runs away as soon as she heard about their engagement. Ai Sha Cua, is a mixed blood Young Lady of a wealthy family, who grow up knowing that since she is not pure blooded like her cousins, the privileges they enjoy is something she should not even dream of. She therefore grew up, independent and strong. She dreamed of marrying for love in the future when she finally meets the man of her dreams. Finding out that her family contracted an engagement for her with the same man that has broken his engagement to her cousin, Ai Sha was shocked and run away, determined to be career woman instead, so she can avoid the arrange marriage. What will happen when fate intervenes and an arranged marriage that they both don’t want, turns out to be the very thing they both need in order to find happiness? Will Ai Sha give up on her dreams in order to settle for a happy ever after or will she run away again? And will a dominant male like James forgive the woman who abandoned their engagement and find ways to compromise in order to keep their marriage or will he let her go again?