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Hateful Bliss

Hateful Bliss



Author : Andra Jonas

Publisher : goodnovel


Natalie Grace Ivanov , daughter of Dimitri Ivanov the CEO of crime ,is a strong and sophisticated girl .She is smart and knows her way out of a problem , being a fine contriver . Adrian Victor Smirnov is the son of the second largest mob in Russia and the biggest potent rival of Ivanov mob . Adrian is a brutal manipulator with an intricate personality. Russian criminal culture is something special , the thieves-in-law hold many powers Natalie goes to USA for further studies for 2 years . Adrian sees this as a golden opportunity to know more about the Ivanov gang through her , thinking of her as a gullible girl and goes to the same college.With nothing in his mind but vengeance for the past not knowing that Natalie is not the one to be fooled . -- They hate each other's guts yet understand each other the best . They think they don't want each other yet burn with the thought of someone else with them They want to just get done with each other yet become everything together . Love and hate ... same passion , same impulse ... "You've started to love her ,right?" " Love was never good to me but all I know is that if I wanted a place in this world , it would be next to her ." " I know I love him . We are too bad for others but too good for each other ." -- Both loyal to their families , both take life as it comes and never complain With a decade of enmity between the gangs but what would they choose at the end love or hate ? Read to find out.