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He's to Tame (Crayson's Series 1) Tagalog Novel

He's to Tame (Crayson's Series 1) Tagalog Novel



Author : Adi

Publisher : goodnovel


"I can't feel pain until I met you" Ten Crayson is a son of a multi-billionaire and the only heir of the fifth-teen companies of Crayson. He is special because of his congenital analgasia or CIP-- he cannot feel pain and loss his senses. He is the legendary of the BGW University where nightmares are true and touchable, and do troublesome activities with the three gangs. In a twist of destiny, Ten met a handsome but softhearted man named Krist De Vera who was also the owner of De Vera Group of Companies Incoporated and the rival of the Crayson. In the presence of Krist, Ten slowly knows his past that even Krist himself doesn't know about. He slowly fell in love with him and brings a new chapter of his life that changes how he see the world around him.