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Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain



Author : Francis Lloyd J.

Publisher : goodnovel


After a year of being constantly rejected for a manager's position in a toxic company, the former office administrative assistant, Kalista, is now working as a customer service representative. The fresh environment of this company gave her a good jumpstart in her newfound career. Inspired and motivated, she exerted so much effort to build her name and reputation as one of the top performers of this BPO company.All that hard work in her first 4 months and the management is now weighing out to give her a promotion, in which she is so thirsty about. Little did she know, jealousy and anger started to grow in silence while she is being constantly recognized and being looked as an overrated performer.A category 4 typhoon flooded the city while they're busy taking calls in the night shift, leaving them trapped inside the office with no electricity and communication to the outside world because the storm destroyed most of the signal towers in their area. Complacent as they thought the rescue would come shortly, and then the murders began.