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His Obsession *(COMPLETED)*

His Obsession *(COMPLETED)*



Author : Gift Odulesi

Publisher : goodnovel


How would one feel to be the obsession of a man? That was what happened to me, Eve Netherland. I was Justin Carter, a billionaire's obsession. He had tried all he could to get me for so many years but he couldn't.Unfortunately for me, my parents were suddenly sprayed with a dangerous gas and they were seriously ill.I had no other option than to call him, and in a flash, he came to my rescue. With his money, my parents were able to be treated with the help of life supporting machines.Why was that? He couldn't have done it for free. I had to sign a contract with him to work with him as his personal assistant and secretary for five haunting years, even when I despised him so much.How was I going to handle the situation? He had been trying his best to make me his but there was an obstacle, his best friend, Mitchell Anderson was also obsessed with him and was torturing me to leave him for her…***What was Eve going to do if she fell in love with him but those things that tried to create grave fear in their relationship were present. Could Justin's dominant and over-possessive nature be a negative one or positive one to anyone?…..READ ON AND ENJOY THE FULL AND AWESOME-FILLED ROMANCE NOVEL. (Not edited. Please ignore any errors you might notice)?