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His Own Undoing️ √

His Own Undoing️ √



Author : Glory Tina

Publisher : goodnovel


{Completed} "Thank you Rory," I say, not looking up at him though, "but you didn't have to, I had it under control."He scoffs in disbelief. "He had you under control from the way I saw it, what were you thinking?" His concern is annoying.My eye flare in anger. "It's none of your business." I spit at him. "That's what is going to get you into trouble, you're rude and rebellious that would be okay if you weren't also weak and vulnerable." He says in a cold and harsh tone.......XoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoThe arrangement was, I get to meet her, propose to her, we get married as that would create a stronger bond d the two business associates, bringing us together as family. Falling in love with her personal assistant was never part of the arrangement.