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Honey with hints of Fire

Honey with hints of Fire



Author : yorokobi

Publisher : goodnovel


Honey Boy was born in a simple and ordinary life. A father which is a farmer and a mother with a golden heart. At a young age, he notice his difference among others especially on same boys. Boys play toy gun but he wants to play Barbie doll. Boys want to wear men shirt but he wants to wear gowns and skirt. Every boy’s dream is to be a soldier or a policeman but he dreams of becoming a beauty queen. Curiosity hits him. He was confused of who and what he was. Why he is different? Would it be natural? Does like him exist? Would someone like him feel the same as what he feel? It’s hard for him to go outside his comfort zone. He was afraid to show who really he was because he is living in the world full of judgments and discrimination. Other people think that like him is one kind of a trash; useless and dirty. Unacceptable and secluded in the community. Would this Bisexual could surpass the challenge of life?