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Hooked up

Hooked up



Author : Lauretta

Publisher : goodnovel


There are a few grammatical errors, please bear with me? Emily Cole a simple bubbly, serious/fashion minded 22 year old from Seattle that stays in new York and works for one of the prestigious company in NewYork . Her family is everything to her, her mom, dad, sister not forgetting her bestie Susan . Working in the finance department as an assistant to the financial advisor. An incident occurs and she's promoted to the personal assistant for the boss. Her life becomes a roller coaster of drama as she not only falls in love with her boss, but also managed to get a few enemies What else could go wrong for Emily? Damien Richardson, an arrogant billionaire, he's got everything a man could ask for. Good looks, greek god body, unlimited bank balance and any woman he wants at his beck and call. Not forgetting his "on and off " girlfriend. He's arrogant, possessive,and absolutely cold. He doesn't believe in love To top it all of a crazy ex-girlfriend seeking revenge His former P.A betrayed him and he finds himself hiring Emily Cole to fill the position. What he doesn't know is that his life can never be the same again. With a crazy ex-girlfriend on the loose and a stalker Follow the amazing drama filled story of Emily and Damien.