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Ichabod (Completed)

Ichabod (Completed)



Author : Tobi Loba

Publisher : goodnovel


Cursed on his wedding day which led to the death of his bride, Ichabod must fight with his inner demon to get a cure by all means or lose his mortality forever. His cure was Harmony, a successful actress who needed a bodyguard.Harmony has always dreamt of the man with the shimmering red eyes. Little did she know that her dreams were more realistic than she thought. Things got worse when she was rescued by an unknown man. Soon she felt like someone was after her life, someone who she knew from her dreams....Then she hired a bodyguard who turned out to be the man of her dreams. The one she was running from...How would Ichabris protect Harmony from his demon...and at the same time get his cure? Would he get her to fall for him...or would he give in to his demon and lose his humanity forever?