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Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown



Author : Ennaira1011

Publisher : goodnovel


Been caught up to the heartbreaks of the normal world Rianne found herself standing to a new world she not knows of. Rianne then journeys with the company of 3 strong warriors she now calls as her friends. Imagine yourself in a world you are not familiar with, a world with those fantasy creatures you only knew in stories and movies. What will you do if you find out that your life will soon experience something you never believed? Feel those confusions; feel in love along the way and travel with people you will soon love and call as your family.This is a journey to a world unknown where all your dreams and hopes come together. The life you wished to have and the fantasies you badly wanted to experience. Come and join Rianne travel into a world unknown to mankind. A world where imaginary creatures exist and battles of survival is a battle to death. In this world we will join three great warriors who will teach us how love can survive against all odds. Be with Rianne as she travels with great warriors and face trials along their way. And join her as she discovers the true meaning of love along this journey. Come journey with her Into the Unknown.