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Is It Love? I: The Princess and the Hunter

Is It Love? I: The Princess and the Hunter



Author : Miss_Enitsaaaj

Publisher : goodnovel


Rampage Kirk Boeneville, is a ruthless assassin and monarch-slayer hidden in the identity of the surname 'Berlouz'. He seeks revenge after the death of his beloved grandparents and mother who was bearing his sibling. He spent his life following the orders of his menace father, the embodiment of Satan. He was his father's favorite and his heir, but he loathes him because he was nothing but just his mere puppet. He then met Agape whom she said even a devil deserves to be loved and that she was even willing to love one for she wants someone like Hades. It gave him hope, he grew up in need of love, affection, and care. Alentis Agape Stravos, or also known as Agape Clive, flew off from Greece to the Philippines to distance herself from her strict father. She was the sweetest and the kindest, but touch her cake and you will meet the worst. She seeks true love that she never felt for years since the death of her mother. She met Rampage by accident, mistaken him as a PWD. She has the softest heart and cries easily over little things. And innocent. "We were just friends," they said to them. But with benefits.