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Lonely August

Lonely August



Author : Judithprieto

Publisher : goodnovel


"I wanna fuck you! I wanna drill my cock inside you slowly like a nail is drilled in wood. I wanna-" Splash! I couldn't stop myself as I emptied my glass of water on the annoying motherfucker with an Italian accent. What on earth does he take me for? *** I guess one can't have it all in life. A fancy car, a good job, good friends, and a well-furnished apartment wasn't all August Kimani Wood a 23-year-old working-class lady yearned for, she wanted more; A man. As fierce and independent as she was, finding a good man was not supposed to be a weighed down by this pressure, but it was otherwise for her. Would her effort be crowned by finding a partner to whom her heart belongs? What ending awaits August?