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Magic Land: The Lost Princess

Magic Land: The Lost Princess



Author : Kadene

Publisher : goodnovel


Growing up, Imogene Baker knew that she was different from everyone else, but little did she know how different she really was. Growing up as an orphan, so didn't know what it was like to have real parents. Now older, Imogene wants answers and her friend, Aaron Dawkins promised her he would help her get some. Since she met him, Imogene knew what it was like to have a real friend. He made her feel special and she couldn't help but care deeply for him. But then something weird happened that took her by surprise. She found out that she was no ordinary girl. She had unimaginable powers that she didn't knew she possesses. On her quest of discovering who she is, she met a guy who told her he knew about her parents. He seems to know everything about her and she was grateful to finally find out what was missing in her life. He pulled her in with his enchanting charm and desperate for answers, she put her trust in him. Finding out the truth will be the easy part for Imogene, but will she figure it out soon enough to save her kingdom from the evil that wants to take it over? And will she be able to save her own heart in the process?