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Author : MissAshleighDre

Publisher : goodnovel


Meet María! María lives anything but an average life. Living on her family estate with four Mafia bosses,Dangerous men if you come to cross them.Two of the men being María's older brothers, Lorenzo and Diego. The other Two men, Marcel and Lucien.Lucien being the man she has a past with, Although they are not in a romantic relationship anymore he is still very involved in her and makes it his business to place himself directly in the middle of her love affairs. Watch María's life go from crazy to insane very quickly as Lucien goes overboard with his possessiveness, Claiming her as only his in a way that no one would have ever expected.How will María deal with the cards that she has been dealt? Will she be able to still love Lucien after his actions?Will they survive this battle of love? And the battles with the enemy still to come their way? Copyright 2020 All rights reserved for the author MissAshleighDre. This book or any portion there of may not be reproduced or used in any manner what so ever without the express written permission of the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. Copyright 2020 (COMPLETE) Part 2 coming shortly)